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I have reviewed and revised hundreds of resumes for people in the past 10 years and persistently have identified that very same mistakes and/or ommissions on each one.

There are very specific details that potential employers want to see on a resume in a particular order that is more convenient for them to peruse.

If you have been struggling to find employment, please open your resume 📄 and check to see if you have included ALL of the below details on it; in the order listed;

  1. Top of resume: neatly place your name + contact info;
  2. PERSONAL INFO: include your age, DoB, nationality, # of dependents, drivers license group (depending on positions sought);
  3. SKILLS: you can add a bulleted list of your skills and experience. Include things like software programs you use, # of years customer service/management/trade etc, typing speed, and so forth
  4. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY: be sure to display your current and/or previous positons including the period of employment, employer, and always add a summary of your duties and responsibilities AND achievements (depending on position sought).
  5. EDUCATION: add the establishment, qualification earned and the courses/classes covered;
  6. ACHIEVEMENTS/MEMBERSHIPS: include this if applicable;
  7. REFERENCES: Always include the name and contact information of at least 3 reputable people! Avoid “references upon request” at all costs! Confirm with individuals in advance if you intend to use them.

If you are serious about your job-hunt apply to no less than 3 new vacancies each day at least 3 days a week without fail!

Spend your jobless days preparing for interviews and educating yourself by researching online about duties and tasks of each position you have in mind – watch interview prep videos online and be prepared to answer a phone call for an interview!

Have a professional email address with just your name in a format like this: fnamelname@ fname.lname@ fname-lname@ etc etc etc…

Begin considering your childcare options well in advance and have a plan for childcare for at least 2.5hrs for interviews!

Do not give up! There is a job out there for everyone who is willing to work hard to find one and keep one!

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