About My Blog

I am so glad you found me and my little blog about life surrounded by crystal clear waters, white-sand beaches, year-round warmth, bright sunshine and (of course!) the wild and wonderful moments of being a mommy of 7 (daughters).

Okay, maybe not, this blog is so much more than that!

It is surprisingly honest, filled with intimate details of my trials, successes, failures, regrets, happy moments and real down-to-earth thoughts about my experience as a mother. And of course, mommy motivation to keep you going; fitness tips that can help even the world’s busiest mommies to find time for exercise; quick and easy make-up and beauty ideas – and even some spicy thoughts about sex and relationships (in a nut shell).

#MomLife can be a crazy roller-coaster ride of organised (and sometimes very unorganized) chaos and in the midst of it all it is often hard to find time to even brush our hair let alone pencil on our eyebrows before running out the front door. Regardless of how beautiful our Instagram photos of our kids are; let’s face it, those pink cheeks and big, bright eyes run circles around us on a daily basis – if I could harness my children’s energy I could indeed build Rome in a day!

I became a mommy at 17 years old when my very talented 14 year old daughter was born. My journey through life and as a mother has not been all fancy and flowers; there have been times when I never thought I would recover from crying on the bathroom floor.

Everyday was a challenge as a teen mom; learning how to properly take care of the physical and emotional needs of another human was not exactly on my agenda at that time but over the years being a mother has proven to be the most amazing and rewarding adventure of my life.

Fast-forward all these years later and I am now the mommy of 7 fantastic young ladies who hold the keys to my heart. Along the way I have learnt so much, overcome so many trials, failed a little, cried a lot and now I give thanks everyday for the wisdom I have gained through my journey and the lessons I continue to learn through my children.

As mothers, especially those of us that have experienced life as single mothers,  we can often lose sight of the blessing we have received through becoming a parent as we juggle the challenges and try to make ends meet. It can be hard to give thanks when you are struggling to do everything in our fast-paced, modern lives and balancing budgets, planning meals, the laundry, cleaning and making an income – but somehow, each day we manage to do it and find the patience, love and understanding to do it the best we can with whatever we have.

I know the struggles and I know those heart-warming moments and all the laughs, hugs, kisses, smiles, all the “thank you mommy”s and the “I love you’s”…. those bright, wondering eyes that look to me for safety and protection; the little hands that tap me seeking my love and attention; I know how much I mean to my children but they can never imagine how much they mean to me because the love for them is endless – and that is what makes us mothers.