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BareMinerals has saved my skin! The 30s hit me hard with hormonal induced skin sadness after being accustomed to flawless skin for my entire 20s, enlarged pores, pimply forehead and uneven skin tone was not something I was ready to cope with - or prepared for. When my simply powder foundation could not cover me effectively anymore I began getting buying drugstore foundations and concealers - concealers so harsh they literally burnt my undereye and made my eyes water during application. After suffering with this makeup routine for almost 2 years and watching the quality of my skin deteriorate with every application I saw an advert that the BareMinerals collection was now being sold in the Cayman Islands where I live; I first did my research online and then decided nothing could be worst than the products I was using so I first bought the BarePro liquid foundation and saw the difference in my first use with the way it applied, remained and felt on my skin - I went back the next day to get a few more items including the Dirty Detox mineral mask. I have talked more about this life changing, skin-loving makeup in my video and showed the great products I have started myself off with; I truly do not know what stage of deterioration my complexion would be at right now if I had not made the switch!

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In order to make waist training work for me I had to get used to it. The first 4 weeks are the toughest because waist trainers force you to stand or sit up right, keep an arched back, pick up the boobies and really pull in the waist while making the hips and buttocks look broader and wider respectively - let's just say the waist trainer has got you covered in all the right places. I usually waist train 6 days a week and take Sundays off (yeah, I actually have a waist train schedule). Having a waist train schedule helps you to keep on track and stay committed because you have a goal to wear your waist trainer on whatever day from when to whenever. Knowing exactly when and for how long you expect yourself to wear the waist trainer will ensure you have clear expectations for your waist training. Waist training is a method that I recommend to women I know all the time because I know what it did for me, my body, my confidence and my postpartum recovery journey.

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As a time-strapped mama every minute saved is like a million earned so when creating a set of brows decent enough to go in public with started taking me 10 to 20 minutes a day I had to stop my watch to really think about the precious moments I seemed to be wasting everyday for the same frustration of uneven eyebrows that essentially were never the same the day after as the day before... so over it! When I decided to fix this time issue it meant exploring the 2 most popular permanent make-up eyebrow options... micropigmentation vs microblading.