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All in all I appreciate that differences are to be expected and all eyes are on mommy to see how she handles these situations and I am keen on admitting that my behavior will surely be mimicked by my girls so before I act on anything these days I stop, breath and try to remember to ask myself "would I want my kids to say/do this?".

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Marriage is a partnership. The family is the business, the children are the assets and the living expenses are the operational costs. In order for the business to be successful and the assets to grow strong, the partners must be 100% dedicated to each other and the business' goals. Outside distractions (like entertaining skanks for… Continue reading MARRIAGE IS A PARTNERSHIP

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Failing at one thing can be the open doorway that we needed in order to see the opportunity on the other side that we had never considered; failure can many times provide us the strength and experience that was missing from our initial effort so that when we do get off the floor we are ready to charge ahead. Failure to properly manage a sudden financial reward in one instance can provide us that keen wisdom we need in order to ensure all goes well should such an opportune moment arise again. The failure of one marriage can very often lead a person to meet and marry their soul mate after the turmoil and madness of divorce before.