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Let's face it - getting in to an exercise routine and sticking to it when you are a mommy is $&%%ing hard! Like yeah, one week we will be all super motivated and put on our fave exercise video a pair of tights and a Tee and somehow manage to exercise when the baby is sleeping but by week 2 the toddler will be dangling on your leg as you try to do a squat and the teenage daughter will be howling from her bedroom begging mommy to bring a midol... these interruptions can be discouraging and makes you wonder if trying to fit an exercise routine is even worth the frustration. Well, for me it wasn't - my life is rather unpredictabme, I mean I know what I have to do when I wakeup and what time to be to work etc... but the in-betweens are pretty random. At any minute there is going to be a slip, fall and cry or someone will want a sandwich... the pads would be out and both teen daughters will menstruate at the same frickiny time so dinner prep is haulted for a trip 10 miles to the grocery store, etc... so for me to actually exercise my "routine" had to be as random as my daily life and somehow exercise anytime, anywhere, somehow has been working for me so for all the busy mommas out there beating themselves up about getting exercise; do your squats at the pot and your lunges in the shower... read on for all the details.